From Vigo to every fishery in the world

We are a company with qualified and experienced staff in the frozen food industry.

Our agreement with the Galician freezer fleet working on the main fishing grounds around the world (Argentina, Chile, Morocco, Mauritania, Namibia, South Africa, NAFO, Hatton Bank, NEAFC etc.) allow us to meet our customers specific needs in a flexible and responsable way anywhere in the world, due to our favourable location in Vigo`s fishing port, one of the main fishing ports worldwide.

Our commercial partnership with Galician and Portuguese companies allow us to supply products such as sardine, horse mackerel, mackerel, bogue, goldline etc. frozen in brine or in tunnel, of premium quality and at the best prices.

We also have business relationships with companies from Chile, Peru, Argentina and other countries, from which we import different kinds of frozen fish.

Our team

Elisa Csomos

(Languages: Spanish, Rumanian, Hungarian, English, Italian)

María Mariño Martínez

(Languages: Spanish, English)

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